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A Sweet History With a Savory Future

This very stand originally opened in 1922 with flavors developed right next door in the kitchen of the farmhouse. Mrs. Sinsz’s (previous owner Phillip Sinsz’s grandmother) specialty flavors: egg custard, chocolate and the fluffy marshmallow were all homemade and set the standard for the quality snowballs that Walther Gardens continues to sell today. It’s reasonable to assume that Grandma Sinsz was the originator of the egg custard flavor – which is now sold worldwide!


We are adamant about making sure our snowballs are of the highest quality, and there is no lack of creativity in our flavors. Of course we have all the classics in stock, including egg custard, skylite, cherry, strawberry and peach, (80 in all), but what really sets us apart are the flavors we have from Monin Flavored Syrups... 

“I don’t think MONIN realizes how good
  their syrups are on snowballs” Matthew 

All Monin flavors are made with natural cane sugar with no preservatives. Some flavors we offer are more exotic such as pistachio, white peach, chipotle pineapple, and tiramisu. But we're not stopping there – Walther Gardens is developing and perfecting new flavors, both sweet and savory with a bold punch. Flavors in development include lilac, strawberry rhubarb, honeysuckle, and basil cayenne, and will be made from herbs grown on our property. 


If you’ve visited us you already know that snowballs are just the “tip of the iceberg” at Walther Gardens. While our snowballs are a summer favorite, we have many offerings including plants and herbs, gift shopping, indoor and outdoor decor, and seasonal attractions and events throughout the year.


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Snowball Stand 2022    Closed For The Season

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