Creative Siblings with a Vision

Upstate New Yorkers by nature. Plant, design, and creatives by nurture. These two grew up together, went on to build their lives apart, and were brought back together over the love of a small, urban oasis called Walther Gardens.

Paula became a seamstress and homemaker with a love of quilting and a head for decor and gift creation. Matthew's education and interests lie in agriculture and horticulture. He traveled the globe during his  USDA position, and his "last tour of duty" in Washington DC lead him to discover Baltimore.

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Born and raised with two siblings in a small town outside of Buffalo, New York, I enjoyed a simple countryside upbringing that instilled a deep appreciation for nature, food, spirituality, and all things living. As a young explorer my world was filled with many small joys... laying on freshly cut grass, enjoying my father’s cooking prepared on his handmade grill, and my mother’s “5-star meals” served daily.


My career began at age 13 at a local greenhouse where I worked until I graduated from college – I wanted to learn everything and anything related to agriculture. Putting myself through school, I attended Alfred State College and later Cornell University where I earned numerous degrees in agriculture. I went on to work in New York City for a large horticultural supply company and then returned back to Buffalo to start my own greenhouse. A few years later I was off to Florida as an Agricultural Products Specialist and finally an inspector for the USDA. Throughout my 26-year career with the USDA, I was fortunate to travel overseas to locales including Afghanistan, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Morocco and South Africa to support governments with my knowledge of regulations for agricultural products. 


My last “tour of duty” found me in Washington, DC which lead me to stumble upon a decrepit old nursery in Northeast Baltimore called Walther Gardens. I had an immediate vision and deep passion to rebuild this wonderful property, and in 2014 began changing its course in history and inviting all to enjoy.



Paula promises to put pen to paper soon. Please stop back at a later date...